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July 28, 2009


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I think I can spell it! Yummmm! Wouldn't it be good, too, if you just left it warm and poured it over the ice cream? Like a hot fudge sundae only with berries? I think the best part is probably the homemade ice cream to go with it.

Glad your blog is back!

This looked so good and I already had lots of blueberries, so I stopped at the store on the way home for raspberries and ice cream. First ice cream -- since I can't make my own I thought I'd buy good stuff, like Haagen-dasz. Wrong! 17 grams of fat per 1/2 cup serving! Settled for low-fat frozen yogurt. Then there's the matter of cinnamon in stick form -- $7.00 for a jar! Oh, well. Anyway, the sauce turned out great and, yes, putting it on warm ('cuz I couldn't wait for it to chill) was yummy. Good recipe, Amy, and easy, too!


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